Letter from Ilse to Alan Bush

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Dear Alan

I have been so pleased that V.W. sent the letter signed and witnessed, and that Nancy sent it on immediately.
I wonder if you enclosed the letter you kindly offered to write about that there is no objection to G.P. being admitted to the Royal Academy.  If not, here is a draft for it  Perhaps you can post it soon.  Did you ascertain anything about conditions and fees and time required for the training at the R.A.M.?

As I said to Nancy last night: in case you or she or both ever miss your last down train from London, will you please ring us up and stay the night with us.

Best greetings to you both,

Sehr geehret Frau Pinthus!

Hierdurch teile ich Ihnen mit, dass der jederzeitigen Zulassung Ihres Sohnes, Herrn Dr. G.P., zu der Königlichen Akademie der Musik in London nichts im Wege steht

Mit vorzüglicher Hochachtung

Dear Alan, could you please bring my "Dole" Song on Tuesday?  I decided to make a slight alteration on the much-discussed "freedon to pradu-noe".

1.  Final paragraph added in manuscript.



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Transcribed from a copy of a typewritten letter. Ilse and Peter have not been identified.

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