Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Stanley Bate

Letter No.: 
7 Oct 1927

Dear Stanley
I was much interested in your letter - I suppose the hectic life is good for your work - it would just shut me up altogether - I heard also from Peggy1 - I know really how necessary you are to each other & I can't believe in anything but a temporary separation which would make you fend for yourself a bit (no bad thing) and enable Peggy to do her own work which is important. As regards coming to England - if you regard it merely as a visit to see your friends it's all right - but no more. You see the British Council will do nothing since the unfortunate Australian Episode - & though I have written more than once to the BBC they do not seem to catch on & you are evidently making a success in America.
Yours always
Uncle Ralph

1. Peggy Glanville-Hicks, who was married to Bate. See VWL3967 for this letter.


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The date appears to be 1927, but must have been 1947; Bate and Glanville-Hicks were married from 1938 until 1949, when they divorced.