Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Martin Shaw

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[May or June, 1915]

Leith Hill Place,
Nr. Dorking.

Dear Martin
Thank you so much for both the books.  'Song Time'1 & the Hymns.  I was delighted to see the cuckoo again also to see a very old friend of mine 'A. Apple Pie' - and lots of other favourites that I had almost forgotten.  I think Curwen is a good man to do it & it will help to purge his catalogue of all the unutterable childrens things he used to publish.
Is your brother Jules over yet - by the way my wife trusts you to remind her if ever the enclosures for Mr Jules fail to arrive punctually.
By the way I liked Ireland's thing in your book immensely.
P.S. One other thing - was there a singing class at Borough during this summer as I have to arrange with Coles about it if there was.

1.  Song Time ... A Book of Rhymes, Songs, Games, Hymns and other music for all occasions in a child's life.  Edited by P. Dearmer and M. Shaw was published by J. Curwen & Sons in 1915.

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MS Mus. 1767/3/1/1/12 (1)
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Date based on chronological presentaiton in the British Library.