Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Evangeline Farrer

Letter No.: 
May 8 [1944]

The White Gates

Dear Evangeline
I am ashamed to have taken so long to answer - Here are 2 lists which I hope you may find useful.
(1) Original partsongs            )   TT
(2) settings of partsongs etc. )   BB

R Vaughan Williams


           Male voice


He that hath a pleasant                         Hatton (Novello)
Hymn before action                              W. Davies (Novello)
How merrily we live                               (S. & Bell) 
Down in yon summer vale                     (Wood) (Novello??)
Last Chantey                                         Prendergast (publisher
Tinkers Song                                         Howells         S&B??

Purcell                                                  Sound the trumpet (2 pt) (Augener)
Hark how the drums                             (Donizetti) (Novello)
Elgar                                                     Feasting I watch (Novello)

  Male voice arrangements

3 Irish melodies (arr. Forsyth)  S. & Bell
Here's a health                         (Novello)
Hob a derry danno             arr. Wood. publisher?
Avenging & Bright              arr. Edmunds (publisher?)
Farmer's Boy                      arr. RVW (Novello?)
Agincourt Song                  arr. Warrell (publisher?
Ward the Pirate                  arr. R.V.W. (Curwen)
Let us take the Road)
Fill every glass         ) Beggars opera (Curwen)
Jolly ploughboy                 arr. RVW (Novello)
Men of Harlech                  arr. Tillead (publisher?)
Blow them on Down )
Rio Grande               )        arr. Terry (Curwen)
Santy Anne etc         )
Loch Lomond                    arr. RVW (Curwen)

Bobby Shaftoe  )
Dollia               )              arr. Whittaker  S.& Bell
Water of Tyne  )



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