Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Martin Shaw

Letter No.: 
May 1 [1948?]

The White Gates.

Dear Martin,
Your card to Ralph reminded me of a letter you sent me, a long time ago, we both love to see your handwriting so I have, very late in the day, told him I would answer your question about Symph 6.
It is to be played on May 11 at Oxford (evening, with Adrian Boult).  R wishes that listeners were not so busy putting "meanings" to the Symph!  Why not listen to it as music? and why is it hinted that it is his farewell!  He is indignant at that as you would be.
We hear you have written a work for the Suffolk Festival.  What?? and how good to hear of it.
R was only tempted for a minute to go to Edinburgh when when he recieved1 such a delightfully warm letter from your daughter.  Our love to you & Mrs Martin.
I have broken my pen, please forgive such disgraceful writing.
yours affectionate
Adeline VW

1.  sic.

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MS Mus. 1767/3/1/1/12 (1)

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MS Mus. 1714/1/29, ff.49-50
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