Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to the editor of The Musical Times

Letter No.: 
[February, 1956]

In your issue of December 1955, during the course of your monthly witch hunt over the preserves of Grove's Dictionary, you refer on page 650 to a film 'The Dim Little Island', to which, according to you, I have written the music.  I have never heard of this film nor, I need hardly say, had I spoken part of the commentary of it.  The biter has indeed been bitten.
While you were on the look-out for mistakes you might well have noticed a mistake on page 695 of the Dictionary, volume 8, which states that I was educated at Charterhouse in London, in the years 1887 to 1890.  Charterhouse School moved to Godalming in the early 'seventies.
R. Vaughan Williams

General notes: 

Printed in The Musical Times, February, 1956, headed "The Biter Bit".

The Musical Times (vol.97, no.1356), February, 1956, p.89.