Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Evelyn Sharp

Letter No.: 
[23rd September 1927]

Letter No 2

Dear Miss Sharp

This is an addition to [the] enclosed.1
Before I write my final letter there are one or two things I want to make clear in my own mind.
I propose - as you know - that we should share equally all the takings, both from music and libretto of our proposed opera - But does Mr Garnett know this?  And if he does not need he ever know it?  Because though I think equal division is the only fair method it is not the usual method. Would it be unfair on Mr Garnett for us to find out what the usual librettist share is and to pay him 15% on that?
We would then make a financial agreement to that effect including an agreement on my part to pay half Mr Garnett’s fee and the equal sharing could be done by an informal understanding afterwards -
Does this strike you as underhand?
I don’t think so -
Yrs very sincerely

R Vaughan Williams

1. This letter was enclosed with VWL620.
2. Robert Garnett was literary executor of Richard Garnett's estate, and was claiming a share of the royalties since the plot was based on a short story by Richard Garnett. See VWL617 and VWL839.


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MS Mus. 161, f. 92
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In the hand of AVW signed by VW.

Cobbe 162
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