Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827

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VWL5205 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Margaret Vaughan Williams

Dear Meggie,
Please excuse this paper but I suddenly find that i have run out of all my notepaper. I hope to find you at no very distant...

VWL284 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to The Musician

The Romantic Movement and its Results

The death of Brahms has revived in all its vigour the old controversy on the subject of classical and...

VWL4457 Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to René Gatty

Dear Herr Gatty
Here are a few of the photographs I took at Hooton: the only ones that are ready so far.  Ralph irreverently suggests that...

VWL5227 Letter from Gustav Holst to Ralph Vaughan Williams

Dear RVW
I really don't know what to say about the rhapsody parts excepting that I have walked my wife off her legs day after day until she...

VWL141 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ralph Wedgwood

Dear Randolph

You've hit the nail on the head - I'm painfully conscious that I can't do the “C. Major” - when I try it turns out rot...

VWL386 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Lucy Broadwood

Dear Miss Broadwood

I bought Moffatt and Kidson’s book at your bidding1- I am afraid I am not very enthusiastic about it.  There...

VWL1046 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to A.H. Fox-Strangways

Dear Foxy,1

Maud has sent me a draft of the life to look at.2  I think it is going to be very good.  My chief...

VWL1571 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Professor H.G. Fiedler

Dear Professor

Can you help me with a literary problem?
I remember being told some years ago that when Schiller wrote his Ode “An die...

VWL3846 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Olin Downes

Dear Mr Downes,

Many thanks for your letter.  It is always a pleasure for me to hear from you.  You must also forgive me for typing, but I...

VWL2326 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to G.E. Moore

My dear Moore

I was delighted & surprized to get your good wishes for my birthday1 - It carries me back to old days when you...



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