Finzi, Nigel, 1936-2010

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VWL970 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Cedric Thorpe Davie

Dear Cedric

All right – send the Full score – I can pretend to read it while really looking at the 2 staves underneath.1

VWL979 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Gerald Finzi

Dear Gerald

Thank you very much.
I went right through it twice1 yesterday - I like it. Rather different perhaps from your...

VWL1851 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Ursula Wood

My Dear

I have been reading the bronze poem again - I think it is beautiful - I am keeping it to myself for the present, but I do not see...

VWL4250 Letter from Ursula Vaughan Williams to Joan and Martin Shaw

Dearest Joan & Martin
Ralph says I must explain all our cunning to you.  For years he has been paying vast supertax for the Chancellor to...

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