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VWL127 Letter from Adeline Vaughan Williams to Gustav Holst

Dear Mr  Von Holst

Your Scotch present arrived on the same day as we returned to London - we had it for our first tea. I am so glad you did...

VWL180 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Lucy Broadwood

Dear Miss Broadwood

Thank you so much for your kind letter.  I am so glad you think my accomp: suitable.  Isn’t it a fine tune?  It comes...

VWL4868 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Maud Karpeles

Dear Maud
How nice of you to write - & of the school to send me their message. I was much interested to hear of the school - & its...

VWL4138 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Christopher le Fleming

My Dear le Fleming
First my very best wishes for your happiness and I am so glad about the cantata1 having been so well done....

VWL4667 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Else Headlam-Morley

Dear Lady Headlam-Morley
Please add my signature to the letter - I presume, however, that the titles will not appear as part of the...

VWL2438 Letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams to the Editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo.


A wise man once said that he would prefer to be Socrates discontented than to be a hog contented. The Town Council of Bournemouth...

VWL3531 Letter from Ursula Vaughan Williams to Michael and Eslyn Kennedy

My dears,

Edna will post the jersey.1
I am on my way to Bournemouth, as my father had an operation yesterday, & is now...

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